I was very excited to receive the check that I have been working on for the last few months!  And BONUS… it was for $6.25.  Let’s see, that reimburses exactly 5 minutes of my time professionally and only leaves 11 hours and 55 minutes that isn’t covered.

The primary reason I do what I do is because families don’t need to spend 12 hours of their time trying to get a $1.25… I mean $6.25….. check completed.  They should be spending time with family, grieving the loss of a loved one and just finding out that things are getting done.

Yesterday, I heard a man say this.  “Your company is great because you can help the family in the first 2 months by taking care of all those time consuming, overwhelming items so they can focus on grieving.  What a great service!”

I love what we do, how we help, how we benefit families.  I love making people cry because we found pictures they thought were lost or getting a hug because we got a refund of $17.89 cents from a newspaper, but above all else, I love that they can focus on what is really important, and it’s NOT the $6.25 check.

What is your time worth?

By the way, I used the $6.25 to have my son’s car washed and then I spent 2 hours detailing it for him.  Hope he notices and rewards me with a hug!



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