Day 4

I have lost two weeks of time because I’ve been busy.  This small check has costs me tons of time and frustration even if it’s not much money.  I was thinking that I could just leave it alone and maybe it will go away but I don’t think it’s going to work.  Guess it’s time to get it done.

I’m taking a ½ day of vacation.  First, meeting with the planner to go over the paperwork; second, going to the bank to get it notarized; third, going to post office to mail it; fourth, going back home to get the death certificate that I forgot to bring with me when I left the house; fifth, back to the post office to mail it because the mail has already been delivered at my house.  Can it really be that I had to take a ½ day of my own time to do this?  Turns out I probably won’t have time to get other things done that I needed (or wanted) to.  

Here’s hoping there won’t be a day 5!

Day 3

It’s Sunday afternoon and what am I doing? Spending my time filling out paperwork that I don’t understand. Since it is Sunday I can’t call the company so it will have to wait until tomorrow. But it’s a holiday so they may or may not be open. Looks like this will once again have to be done over my lunch hour. This is frustrating ~ why do I have to do this?

Stay tuned for day 4
Day 2 – It’s been three days since
I made the call to the company and to the state about ordering death certificates.  Although I thought I would work on this at home it didn’t happen.  Its lunch hour and I am typing my letter to the state requesting another death certificate.  I don’t have an actual checkbook because I use bill-pay, so it’s necessary to run to the bank, get a cashier’s check and have my letter notarized.  Done with the letter so I’m off to the bank.

Since it's lunch hour, there are not
as many tellers available and apparently everyone else needed to come to the
bank also.  Waiting in line… waiting in line…. waiting in line…. when am I going to have time to eat while I’m waiting in line…. waiting in line.  My turn finally.  It’s a new teller and she doesn’t know how to do a cashier’s check yet.  So we have to wait until her manager comes over and works with her.  Why did I have to get the inexperienced teller?

Finally got the cashier’s check but
she can’t notarize the letter.  I have to
sign in at a different area and wait until called.  I’m running out of time but it would be a waste of time to have to come back.  I sign in and wait.  Fortunately no one else is
waiting and they help me quickly.  Thank

Back at the office and have to work because the lunch hour is over.  I’ll take a few minutes before I leave to make copies of everything, address and stamp the letter.
Made copes but I don’t have a blank
envelope, only company ones and no stamps.  I’ll have to remember to do this at home tonight.

Stay tuned for day 3.
How did the $1.25 check cost $16.32 plus time?  This is how. 

Day 1.  The dividend check is received which means the stock wasn't in the brokerage account that was closed.  The company number is listed on the check so the call is made during lunch hour. Waiting on hold.... waiting on hold.... waiting on hold.... waiting on hold.... can lunch be eaten while waiting on hold.... waiting on hold.  Someone finally answers but can't help so transferring to another department.  Waiting on hold.... waiting on hold.... waiting on hold....  Someone else answers and can help.  Now there are three forms to be filled out (which can be e-mailed to me), one more letter to write and have notarized and another death certificate to send with them.  We have no more death certificates so we have to order one.

Call the state, waiting on hold.... waiting on hold.... waiting on hold.... waiting on hold....  Someone answers.  Yes we can order another one.  Send $15 with a written request and self addressed stamped envelope to our address and we'll send you one.  It will take approximately 3 -4 weeks.  Lunch hour is over and now there is twice the amount of work to be done.  Will work on this at home tonight.

Stay tuned for Day 2.